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Are you daydreaming about a hiking adventure wedding in Yosemite, but you can't completely imagine getting married without your loved ones? 

Or maybe you found a beautiful quaint venue somewhere in the middle of Michigan and you can't wait to walk down the pine needle layered isle,

lit with candles, witnessed by the closest circle of the most important people in your lives. But perhaps you are totally ready to go full elopement mode! 

Having photographed over two hundred love stories I understand that every wedding is different. One of my main goals as an adventurer and documentary wedding photographer is to empower you to follow your vision for your day.


mainstream is boring, LET'S weave your story with PASSION.


Your day should be exciting & unforgettable

You most likely adventure off the beaten path and take the road less traveled in life.

You are down to earth, but you don't settle for mediocre.

You adore breathtaking beauty found in nature and in romantic love stories. 

You think that meeting the one you can be vulnerable with, your true best friend you can reveal all of your quirks to and feel at peace in their embrace, 

is pretty exhilarating.

Because you set the world alight together.

You wandered, took the roads unknown, found each other and then said

"no one else but you".

Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment.

This is crazy powerful and it deserves a celebration, that honors your

values and aspirations.

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You deserve a wedding day true to your values, representative of who you are as a couple. SO, embrace the unique vibe of your  wedding, instead of settling for the societal expectations.

My couples celebrate love, deep connections, they strive for adventures and value meaningful experiences over anything else. I photograph gorgeous boutique weddings and breathtaking elopements in the most stunning places, wild or luxurious, across the world. I revolt against the generic and the staged. I stand for raw emotions and candid moments captured with passion and care, as unique as your love story is, one of a kind. I simply observe and document the connection between two untamed souls wildly in love and preserve the essence of the moment in still images. 


"Before starting the search, I had to work around two of my husband's requests: 1. No second-shooters and 2. "No crazy filters or poses". I ultimately interpreted this as: someone who is confident, capable of putting awkward people at ease, has a photo journalistic style, and excels working with both natural and artificial light. This last part was key, as our wedding venue featured both indoor and outdoor spaces. Lastly, it wouldn't hurt if said photographer could also add a splash of glamour / a "wow factor" here and there. With all of that in mind, I have to say that stumbling upon Yana's website was a serendipitous moment."

~ Teresa and Tiago wed at Wellers Carriage House in Saline, Michigan

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You might have noticed, that I adore free spirited couples stoked to share their adventures together, because exploring new landscapes in hiking boots, on skis or in a wet suit is my jam.

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I find beauty in simple words that exude certain moods: "hygge" a feeling of warmth and coziness in a company of loved ones, or "petrichor" - the comforting smell of dry soil after a long awaited rain. These expressive inspirations help me create complex visuals that interpret sceneries with deep emotion. 

I document love all over the world since 2012 by creating moody images of 

a film-like quality.

 Photographing intimate boutique weddings and adventure elopements is my specialty.

I focus on a personalized approach tailored to your vision for the day, guiding you through building a comfortable timeline step by step and helping you select epic locations for your unposed wedding shoot.

More importantly, I want to become friends with you two to create a meaningful connection before your day and tell your story with sensitivity and insight.

I strive to capture candid images full of raw affection, quirky details and authentic moments nestled in unforgettable sceneries. 



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.your story

At your wedding, you two are the most powerful inspiration, so it means the world to me to connect with you on a deeper level and to be able to capture your story, your joy, your tears and goosebumps.


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