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Ann Arbor, Detroit, Michigan & Midwest wedding photographer.
Traveling worldwide for adventurous weddings & intimate elopements.





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sardinia, 2019

                            HELLO THERE


Talking about myself is most likely one of my least favorite activities, but it is of a great importance that we get to know each other before you invite me to spend one of the most significant days of your life with you! So, here it is, you guys. My name is Yana and I am a documentary photographer specializing in boutique weddings & adventure elopements.


On top of that, I am a wanderlust. There's something exhilarating about hiking the deadly summit of Angel's Landing in Zion and something subtly meditative about kayaking near Alaska's glaciers. Exploring the beauty of the outdoors gives me purpose. To sit on a top of the mountain in California's Joshua Tree, feeling the majestic power of nature and my own vulnerability is humbling and absolutely addicting at the same time. 


Before finding my niche in wedding photography, I studied extensively in the classical street photography style, which provides the foundation of my approach: capturing "the moment" and telling visual stories. I adore small intimate venues, quirky details and free spirited couples that are stoked to share their adventures together. I believe, that you two have the absolute right to celebrate your nuptials in a way that is your own and I will walk along with you to help you experience your dreamy vision of the day. I create one of a kind images for you and your partner.

With over two hundred weddings under my belt, I've shot all over the world - from the Austrian Alps, France, Czech Republic to Washington, D.C., California and Michigan. I believe in simplicity, so you will not find an overwhelming amount of images on this site. I periodically update my featured work, because I believe that a wedding photographer's vision and expression evolves while observing the quality of light, every delicate detail, fleeting touch and loving interaction at your wedding.

BIO: Born and raised in Slovakia, I grew up a free spirit with a fascination for emotive portraits. I got my first film camera for the ninth birthday and have been taking photographs ever since. I graduated from University with Master's degree in Journalism and moved to San Francisco a year later to study Photography. I currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan,  I am an adventurer, lover of vibrant foods, admirer of independent cinematography and jazz.​ 

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