Ann Arbor Elopement Photos in the Woods

June 3, 2022

Unique Fall Ann Arbor Elopement Inspiration with Local Florals

Julia and Robert, two bon-vivants with European roots, eloped at the local courthouse in Ann Arbor with only a couple of witnesses, without an official wedding photographer. I wanted to capture their playful personalities and create a unique look for their Ann Arbor elopement adventure photo session, so we went for a mixture of bohemian vibe and European styling, featuring a touch of Wes Anderson.

fall elopement inspiration ann arbor


Beautiful Ann Arbor Elopement Location 

Huron River Drive in Ann Arbor is one of my favorite locations for adventure elopements and engagement sessions in Southeast Michigan. The river, hundred year old tree, fields of tall grass and wooded areas are an ideal setting for couples that want to take a little stroll and capture their love immersed in nature. We frolicked in the last rays of Indian summer, which inspired the visual outcome of their photo session. The glowing golden hour light, subtle movement of Julia’s dress, simple posing and natural accents of the locally sourced wedding bouquet from We Adore Flowers perfectly captured the mood of the evening.


Why Opt for an Intimate Wedding and Elopement

Intimate weddings favor simple but personalized approach, hand-picked designs and sustainable food options over a large scale generic wedding event with hundreds of guests. Julia’s and Robert’s wedding reception is planned to happen at a beautiful medieval monastery in Prague, Czech Republic. Both of their families live in Europe, so they were expecting to eat traditional Eastern-European dishes and party until early morning. 

ann arbor wedding photographer

How to Choose your Wedding or Elopement Concept

Envision what you truly love. A couple that typically adores adventures can choose a dramatic mountainscape with a private cabin in the Upper Peninsula and transform it into a wedding venue for the night. Couples that love a luxury destination wedding experience in the Traverse City wine region can choose to throw an elegant party with just a handful of their closest family and friends. These types of events are focused on a one-of-a-kind experience thoughtfully crafted to the couple, rather than following the traditional wedding industry standards. While some couples might choose to throw all the traditions out the window, small intimate destination weddings can still feature staple traditions you’d see at a standard wedding, but on a much smaller scale. The covid era simply surfaced a plethora of alternatives and ultimately inspired couples to explore other options. I was so stoked to see Julia and Robert taking their wedding matters into their own hands!

michigan fall elopement

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