15 Fun Ideas for Your At-Home Engagement Photos

February 24, 2023

The Great Indoors Is Calling!

If you live in Michigan, your outdoor adventure life might be put on hold during the winter season… Ok, maybe I am a bit dramatic. But no one can argue that it is a little uncomfortable to take engagement photos in freezing temperatures. Maybe that’s the reason you have stumbled upon this post about at-home engagement photos in Michigan, looking for engagement photoshoot alternatives in your favorite Great Lakes state and beyond. Look no further, I have the inside scoop for you!


at home engagement photos
at home engagement photography

How to have a Fun, Cozy and Sexy At-Home Engagement Photography Session

At-home engagement photos started gaining popularity a few years ago when couples realized they would like to capture the most intimate elements of their partnered life. Hanging out at home, snuggling on the bed, doing the things they love the most. So, to get you started with some ideas, I have compiled my favorite advice.

Hot Tips and Posing Ideas for your at-home engagement photos

Declutter your space

Organize your space and clean out the little clutter we all accumulate in our homes. When I arrive, we will talk about your favorite areas and rooms you are most comfortable capturing.

Observe the light before your engagement

Observe the natural light in your home a few days before your scheduled engagement photo session. You can snap some photos of your space around the time of your session and send them to me to give me an idea of the shadows and amount of lighting I’ll be working with.

at home engagement photos

Rent an Airbnb

If you have a specific vibe or interior in mind you’d like to incorporate into your at-home engagement photos, rent an Airbnb or a hotel room (Shinola Hotel’s interior is stunning for airy and well lit photos). You can also make a little romantic weekend getaway out of this fun photo experience.

at-home engagement
at-home egagement photos

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear clothes that make you feel good, sexy and comfortable. I recommend natural materials, cotton, linen, jeans and neutral tones that won’t interfere with the colors of your interior decor at home.

at-home engagement photos

Don’t worry about posing

As an engagement photographer with a decade of experience, I will come prepared. I will have visual inspiration, posing ideas and playful prompts for your at-home engagement photos, so don’t worry about not knowing what to do. I am here to guide you through this fun experience!

Play a record

It is always more fun with your favorite tunes! Pick a record, I will most certainly get some fun photo ideas during this photo op.

Dance to the beat of your own drum

Once the music’s on, slow dance in the kitchen and enjoy the moment. I will be a fly on the wall, capturing the most intimate and authentic moments for you.

Do things that you like

Take your socks off, lay on the floor, exchange lots of hugs, get into the swing, you do you!

at home engagement

Take at-home engagement photos with your furry friend(s)

Snuggle up with your pets while I captures all the tasty licks! (lol)

Make your bed and use it for your at-home engagement photos

Your bedroom is one of the most intimate places in your home. If you’re comfortable inviting me to capture a few steamy moments with your partner, I am here for it.

Have a pillow fight

One of my favorite prompts for couples is a pillow fight. It takes a few seconds to embrace hitting your partner with a soft squishy pillow, but it usually results in some unexpected and candid captures.

Have a cocktail

If you need to relax a little bit more, use the kitchen and your rad mixology skills and the opportunity to sip on a favorite cocktail.

Get into the tub

Either fully clothed, in a bathing suit, or naked. This is your engagement session, and I am here to capture it for you without judgements.

at home engagement

Opt for a steamy couple’s boudoir

Couple’s boudoir photos with your partner will be a fun memory to look at in a few years down the road. Trust me!

Have fun!

Whatever you do, be yourself and have fun. If you feel uncomfortable with anything during your shoot, let me know and we’ll readjust. I want you to have the time of your life!

at home engagement
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