Elegant Dried Wedding Flowers & Bouquet Ideas Better for the Environment

July 2, 2023

Dried Flowers Are Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Fresh flowers that are harvested in the peak summer months are typically dried to be used in bouquets, wedding arrangements, centerpieces and hair pieces later on. This practice is sustainable, less wasteful and more environmentally friendly, because fresh flowers need constant cooling and water. Dried flower arrangements can be made in advance and delivered to the wedding venue way in advance without worrying about wilting. They are long lasting and can be reused or repurposed into festive biodegradable flower confetti for your friend’s wedding. You can love your dried flowers for years to come in many different forms.

Dried Bridal Flower Crowns and Wreaths

While dried flower bridal crowns and wreaths are not for everyone, a floral headpiece can make any bride feel like royalty on her wedding day. From unique extravagant headpieces to boho wreaths reminiscent of Scandinavian Midsummer, wearing one of these wedding accessories is an easy way to elevate a bridal look.

Get inspired by these looks from the workshop of Niloo Rosi Design and Kvety Podla Lindy.

Bridal Crown and Wreath

A bridal crown, along with the bridal wreath and veil, is probably the oldest decorative form of headdress worn by women. With it the bride would symbolize her purity, and it was also a status symbol for her family. The bridal crown was especially popular in farming areas. In several regions the bride takes her crown off after the church service and hangs it over the wedding table as a sign of the peace.

– Wikipedia

Dried Flower Wedding Bouquets

A bouquet made of fresh flowers will always be a timeless elegant option, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. If you’re looking for a more sustainable alternative, a dried flower wedding bouquet may be the perfect option. Dried flower bouquets composed of dried blooms, grasses, and other botanicals can also incorporate a few fresh blooms.

Whether planning a fall boho desert wedding or a summertime beach wedding, incorporating gold, blush and neutral dried blooms is always stunning. Check out these dried wedding flowers ideas by Averi K Designs.

Dried Flower Wedding Boutonnieres

Just like wedding bouquets, boutonnieres incorporating baby’s breath, dried grasses and bunny tail look playful and natural for an outdoor summer wedding suit.

Dried Flower Adornment for a Boho Wedding Hat

We like a good Gigi Pip hat, but who doesn’t love dried flower adornments on a boho hat even more! The dried wedding flower arrangement paired with a dried bouquet can elevate any bohemian bridal look.

Dried Flower Arrangement As A Wedding Car Decoration

Vintage cars bring a unique element into any shoot, but adding a dried flower arrangement to the front or back of the car will make a fun look so much more unique and personalized. These completely different looks will give you an idea of the aesthetic and style you gravitate towards more.

Lunaria, also known as silver dollar, is a plant that starts out green but later dries to a stunning shiny, off-white color, such as these.

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