Frolicking through Meadows and Mountain Lakes

In the Heart of the Alps, Austria


Cat and Menno met on the slopes as badass ski/snowboard instructors while working in the Austrian Alps about a decade ago. They are both expats that decided to settle in the heart of Europe, near Innsbruck. They have pet bunnies together, a ton of thrilling hobbies and adventurous travels under their belt. 

It doesn't happen too often that I feel at home when I meet someone, but I instantly sensed a strong connection with these two. Especially after Cat tied her bouquet to her hiking backpack. Their calm personalities and so much love for each other stood in the center of their photo shoot in this stunning Alpine landscape. Cat was wearing a bohemian lacy Reclamation dress that was caught in the wind on several occasions in a very photogenic manner. Menno's outfit perfectly complimented the slate and ochre colors of Alps in the fall. We explored meadows, turquoise mountain lakes and mossy landscapes that looked like fairytale hobbit lands, but the specific location of our photo adventure will be kept secret.

- photographed as part of the Adventure Wedding Academy Austrian Alps Retreat



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