KRISTINA + SASHA: Elopement on Top of a Mountain

Adventure Elopement Photography


Stubaier Gletscher, Austria

October, 2019


Kristina and Sasha posed under waterfalls, on soft beds of moss, banks of a freezing river and on top of Austria's highest glacier ski area. They put on their beautiful outfits, hiking boots, backpacks and off we went. Hugs, tea and extra layers kept them warm in between shoots and I must say, that those moments turned out to be the cutest candid bits of their day. They didn't complain about being cold once!

These sweethearts live in Germany, they love the outdoors and they've been together for several years. They wanted to capture their love, deep connection and strong chemistry, which radiates through all of the images. They chose to read their vows in an intimate setting embraced by the mountain range and the valleys of Tyrol. 

Adventure elopements are quickly becoming a unique alternative to traditional weddings all over the world. They are ideal for couples that prefer doing things differently, adventurers in love with nature and free spirits that want to have an intimate event instead of a full on wedding. Elopements are a perfect alternative for those who don't fancy being the center of attention the entire day and want to spend the money somewhere else. Perhaps another exciting travel adventure?

- photographed as part of the Adventure Wedding Academy Austrian Alps Retreat



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