Daring Michigan League Wedding with California Flair and Pampas Grass

June 26, 2024

Elegant Ann Arbor Wedding on Michigan Campus

In the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, the Michigan League stands as an iconic venue on campus of the University of Michigan, where history and elegance converge. For Joan and Feiran, both recent graduates of the university, their wedding day at this historic landmark was a celebration of love in a setting that seamlessly blended grandeur with intimacy.

First Look at Michigan’s Law Quadrangle

The Law Quadrangle in Ann Arbor provided an enchanting backdrop for Joan and Feiran’s first look. As Joan made her way across the meticulously manicured courtyard, anticipation and excitement filled the air. Feiran stood beneath the arches of the historic buildings, his eyes lighting up as he caught sight of his bride approaching. The Law Quadrangle’s classic pillars added a touch of romance to their first glance, setting the tone for a day filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. To add a bit of candid fun to the classical setting, the bride pulled out a couple of money guns and the fun ensued!

Intimate Chinese Ceremony in the League’s Garden

Stepping onto the grounds of the Michigan League, guests are greeted by its majestic architecture and lush garden surroundings. Built in 1919, this historic building exudes collegiate charm with its grand ballrooms, sweeping staircases, and picturesque views of the University of Michigan campus. The couple, both graduates of the University of Michigan, chose this venue not only for its beauty but also for its rich history and significance in their lives.

Amidst the lush backdrop of the Michigan League garden decorated with pampas grass and blush roses, Joan and Feiran exchanged vows in a Chinese ceremony filled with heartfelt moments. The stunning floral arrangements were designed by award winning Lamour Floral Event and were shipped from California. These unique arrangements added to the exotic atmosphere of bohemian romance and sophistication. As the couple declared their love surrounded by their family and friends, the timeless elegance of the venue amplified the emotional depth of their promises.

Michigan League Reception with Bohemian Decor

Following the ceremony, guests were ushered into the beautifully appointed Vanderberg Room for an evening of celebration. The Michigan Union’s culinary team presented a gourmet feast, featuring locally sourced ingredients. Tables were adorned with simple yet bohemian centerpieces that complemented the venue’s classic décor.

Chinese Games and Champagne Toasts

The couple had a few traditional Chinese games prepared for their guests, which helped create memories that would last a lifetime. Joan and Feiran also made sure to have a toast with each of their guests to make everyone feel special!

From the couple’s first dance to heartfelt speeches and laughter-filled toasts, Joan and Feiran’s intimate wedding at the Michigan League was a tapestry of cherished moments. Guests explored the venue’s historic corridors and gardens, capturing photos against the backdrop of ivy-covered walls and blooms.


Ann Arbor Campus – a Vibrant Choice for a Michigan Wedding

With its timeless elegance, historic charm, and central location in Ann Arbor, Michigan League offered the perfect backdrop for a wedding that was both classic and unforgettable. So, if you’re dreaming of a wedding that combines historical charm with intimacy in the heart of Ann Arbor, the Michigan League might just be the perfect spot for you!

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