Boho Portraits with a Peacock Chair

January 15, 2022

This charming photo project started with buying a bohemian peacock chair. As I was driving home with this antique wicker chair in my trunk, I started contemplating the concept of creating boho portrait sessions to empower women through photography. I wanted to elevate the goddess, the muse, the femme fatale within each of us.


A fully immersive photo experience focused on celebrating feminine energy

I instantly envisioned inviting one of my favorite models to this photo session, Mikalia, a local Ann Arbor, Michigan photographer and model. Miki then secured a fantastic make-up artist Raquel Cohen who was able to pull the look together beautifully.

We as women often struggle with harsh judgements we (and the society) impose on ourselves. My main goal when dreaming up this concept was to make all women feel beautiful and powerful in their own bodies, in their own skin and to elevate their immense resilience through timeless imagery. This project is an artistic catharsis and a salute to the female form in its purest expression. 

boho lifestyle session


I worked on crafting a personalized photo set for this boho photoshoot collecting decorations from all over the world to create a unique portrait session. I also envisioned a bohemian and feminine dress for this session, and I was so stoked to find Anthropologie’s brand Farm Rio.

I grew up to be a collector of pottery, a scavenger of rocks and shells, a lover of all things vintage. I adored adding eclectic elements I purchased during travels to this personalized photo set. I hand picked objects with warm soulful energy and used them to create a whimsical scape full of hygge, thoughtfully tailored to Miki’s photoshoot for a meaningful, authentic experience.


“This photoshoot experience was one that I will always remember! I felt so empowered and fierce throughout my entire session – it was like no one in the world could stop me! Yana’s level of preparedness, coupled with her visionary take on this set, truly helped bring it all to fruition. These beautiful images are ones that I will always cherish and be forever proud to showcase. There is this very timeless notion of it all, and all women should experience this feeling!”

– Mikalia



Peacock chair

Middle-Eastern carpets

Moroccan pouf

Persian kilim pillows

Faux fur

Vintage European film cameras

Brass candlesticks

Air plants

String lights



If you want to dream up your personalized bohemian muse session & unleash your femme fatale, send me a note below!