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When your wedding is a stylish arctic winter wonderland

Updated: Feb 12

Who: Becca & Bel

What: Winter Wonderland Wedding

When: December 29th, 2017

Where: Ann Arbor, MI

Why: Because they got married!!!

Becca is a social worker and Bel is in finance, they met while volunteering at a youth camp and have been hanging out ever since. When I first talked to them at our introductory meeting in Ann Arbor, I instantly felt the deep connection and love they had for each other. We discussed vision for their winter wedding and decided to go with a first look, which would allow them to spend the time with their loved ones after the wedding ceremony.

On the day of the wedding, we all woke up to an "ooooh crap" scenario. Temperatures were at arctic lows AND the majority of our shoot was planned for the gorgeous outdoor grounds of the Law Quad in Ann Arbor. Becca kept her spirits up, put on her Hunter boots and off she went, to meet her future husband for their first look at the Angell Hall, accompanied by her resilient bridesmaids.

They were bravely suffering through the bitterness of Michigan winter. I was feeling their pain through several layers of clothing and gloves, hoping no one gets an instant case of pneumonia or loses their temper, in the middle of the wedding shoot. In the meantime, the groomsmen were feeling toasty in their stylish sweaters and argoyle socks.

Style highlights:

Becca's bridesmaids were wearing beautiful lace dresses ranging from burgundy to emerald and darker blues. She has listened to her intuition and refined taste in fashion and gifted the bridesmaids beautiful gray shawls to keep them a little more comfortable. And then there was Becca's vintage mink!

The groomsmen were coordinated immaculately, their elegant navy blue pants and rich gray sweaters with burgundy ties and winter themed boutonnieres dominated the classical setting of Ann Arbor's Law Quad. Bel was rocking perfectly fitting dark tailored suit and an infectious smile, as always.


When nature dumps snow on you, make a snow angel! But no, seriously. if you've ever done yoga, and your teacher urges you to breathe through the pain - that would be my philosophy when trying to sustain through the bitter cold, or scorching heat, or any type of uncomfortableness. I will do whatever I can to shoot faster, provide a flask with some warming beverage and make the situation more bearable. I promise.

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