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10 reasons why I am an adventure wedding photographer

Updated: Feb 12

I get you, guys, you strive to have a fun, relaxed, authentic & completely epic wedding experience that is true to your values. You don't want your wedding filled with awkward poses and forced smiles. You want candid photos that capture your real connection in THE moment. Even if it is so subtle as a fleeting supportive touch.

I know very well that being in front of the camera can leave you feeling totally out of your element. Instead of putting pressure onto you to perform and act in front of the camera, I create a laid back experience while photographing the authentic you! I will guide you to focus on your interaction while giving you the space to have fun and enjoy the moment. I want you to feel like you are frolicking in the meadows while capturing some timeless moments!

Every detail down to how you interact with each other to the real explosive laughter triggered by a tickle or an intimate whisper in your ear. This is exactly what I am looking for - I want to capture the real you!

If you're still asking why do I love this? Here are my "becauses"! :)

1. I value authenticity.

2. I focus on observing situations.

3. Genuine is magical.

4. Capturing candid scenes is meaningful.

5. I love people.

6. Routine bores me.

7. Quirky is my jam.

8. Immersing myself in unforgettable landscapes makes my life vibrant.

9. Being challenged is a good thing.

10. Telling epic stories gives me purpose.

Let's adventure!



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