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10 reasons why I am an adventure wedding photographer

Updated: Jun 27

I get you, guys, you are hoping to have a fun, relaxed, authentic & completely epic wedding experience true to your values. You don't want your day filled with awkward poses and forced smiles, but candid photos that capture your real connection in the moment.

I want to tell you a bit about myself first. I value connections and activities that channel my creativity and love for people. When I am not frolicking outside in the wild, I respond to spaces with warm ambience, moody lighting, polished brass, dark rich colors and natural woods with thick grain. Funny enough, I throw elaborate dinner parties and cook up a 5 course feast, because making vibrant foods and setting the table is an artistic expression itself. And as the Italians say, "we don't age at a dinner table". I wanted to take Anthony Bourdain on a food adventure to my birthplace in Slovakia, and I am still heartbroken...

I know very well that being in front of the camera can leave you feeling totally out of your element. Instead of putting pressure onto you to act in front of the camera, I create a relaxed experience while photographing the authentic you. I will guide you to focus on your interaction while giving you the space to have fun and enjoy the moment. I want you to feel like you are frolicking in the meadows while I am capturing timeless moments.

10 reasons why I am an adventure wedding photographer:

1. I value authenticity.

2. I focus on observing situations.

3. Genuine is magical.

4. Capturing candid scenes is meaningful.

5. I love people.

6. Routine bores me.

7. Quirky is my jam.

8. Immersing myself in unforgettable landscapes makes my life vibrant.

9. Being challenged is a good thing.

10. Telling epic stories gives me purpose.

On top of that, I am a wanderlust and an adventure wedding and elopement photographer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, obsessed with mountains, hiking and road-trips! My love for hiking started 3 years ago with my first trip to Alaska and Hawaii shortly after. I truly believe in adventure! There's something exhilarating about hiking the deadly summit of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park and something subtly meditative in kayaking near Alaska's glaciers. To sit on a top of the mountain in California's Joshua Tree, feeling the majestic power of nature and my own vulnerability is humbling and absolutely addicting at the same time. Exploring the beauty of the world gives me purpose.

Photographing weddings in Michigan for the past 7 years has been a rewarding and wonderful experience! I had a chance to work with the sweetest couples, I photographed in elegant art deco palaces, simple barns, industrial warehouses, you name it. Now, I am shifting my focus to craft unique experiences for my couples that go beyond standard traditions and societal ideas of how your wedding should look. I want to empower you to follow your own path, be true to yourself and celebrate your love in a way that reflects you.

If you are game to choose less of a traditional approach to your wedding day, I am not just a wedding photographer, who shows up with a set of standard poses: 1. I will get dirty with you and adventure with you! 2. I will help you craft a day that truly reflects your personalities and your relationship! 3. I will guide you on this fully immersive and unforgettable experience. 4. I will be there to share jokes and stories and most importantly document your epic wedding day.

5. I will look at this day as a unique wedding experience, because you allowed me to witness your authentic connection through raw moments. Your day really matters to me!

Not sure of your dreamy wedding location?

Maybe you have an idea of the vibe of the landscape, but aren’t completely sure, I can help you find your dreamy wedding location. Whether it’s a strenuous hike in the Rockies or a breathtaking overlook in Big Sur - whatever your comfort level, we'll find your unique spot. On your wedding day, we'll go over the final plan, then hit the trail, or head up to the overlook, if hiking in a wedding dress just isn’t your thing.

In the meantime, if you are looking for more inspiration, check out my Adventure Engagements & Elopements set in wonderful places in Michigan and beyond. Let's explore Sleeping Bear Dunes, Turnip Rock, Pictured Rocks together while capturing your connection immersed in nature, sip some wine, and hang out. Let's put on our hiking boots/skis/wet suit and create something exciting together. Locations are unlimited and the sky is the limit!

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