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How to have a meaningful and adventurous engagement session

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1. Envision the season for your shoot

Weather can be tricky, especially in Michigan! Helloooo, April! But the season and time of the day will determine the visual outcome of your images. Are you looking to frolic in a park full of colorful foliage, ready to embrace the winter wonderland or are you more of a sun basking creature loving the golden hour of spring/summer days? Talk to me about the story you’re trying to tell for your adventure engagement session.

2. Let's choose a meaningful location

Setting your engagement session in a beautiful historical building with neo-gothic architecture definitely tells a story. But, have you thought of inviting your photographer to your home, make tea, read a book under the blanket and then play the guitar? Have you thought of going on an adventure and making a bon fire at your favorite spot by the river and sip hot toddy while listening to crackling of the wood? Make the shoot about you. For some more location inspiration in Michigan, check out this post.

3. Pick out a comfortable outfit

This one speaks for itself – there are no boundaries, but make sure you LOVE what you’re wearing. If you choose to do an adventure engagement, choose a comfortable outfit that will reflect your personalities and the vibe you're going for.

4. Be yourself (unless you can be a unicorn)

Oldie but goodie. But seriously, if being yourself means bringing a unicorn mask to your adventure shoot – PLEASE DO IT! It's about having the experience of your lifetime!

5. Focus on your connection

For me as an adventure wedding and elopement photographer, the most important part of the shoot is to capture unposed candid moments of your interactions, the split second, when you forget someone is watching, the uninhibited laugh you share with your partner. This is what makes an engagement session.

6. Have fun!

Honestly, have a shot of tequila, if you need to – and enjoy your time with your partner! You are creating a space for an enriching experience, even if it pushes your boundaries, you will leave your session feeling you managed to conquer another challenge hand in hand.

If you would like to book a session with me, follow these 3 simple steps:

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  2. Say hi

  3. And share your story!



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