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Immerse yourself in your epic wedding experience

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You've been planning your wedding day for months - and now it's happening. Like, right now, in this moment. Your final plan is perfected, everyone is briefed, bridesmaids (if you have any) are on deck and bloody Mary at your reach. So if there is a moment things don't go as envisioned, embrace it and go with the flow.

It is all about you two embarking on this once in a lifetime adventure and I will walk along with you to help you have the time of your life! Having photographed over two hundred weddings in the last seven years, I understand that every wedding is different. But, one of my main goals as an adventure wedding photographer is to guide you through this processes and empower you to immerse yourself in this epic experience.

Red Riding Hood Barn Wedding, Holly Michigan

Your partner is a whole package, with an easy going personality, adorable features and whacky quirks. He is irresistible and annoying at times, but you love him unconditionally. You both think that meeting the one you can be vulnerable with, your true best friend you can reveal all of your quirks to and feel at peace in their embrace, is pretty exhilarating. Because you set the world alight together. You wandered, took the roads unknown, found each other and then said "no one else but you". Take a deep breath and enjoy every moment. This is crazy powerful and it deserves a celebration, that honors your values and aspirations. Everything else can wait.

This day is about you, and you did all you could to prepare for it. You hired a team of professionals, we run your event behind the scenes. We communicate, plan and come up with the best course of action. Even if it rains. Yes, there is some beautiful opportunity to create unique imagery even when it rains! I think on my feet, adjust to new situations and deliver the best possible quality. Take a deep breath and trust there is a solution. Trust me!

Ford Piquette plant wedding in Detroit, Michigan

I promise, this isn’t going to be a day filled with unnatural poses and forced smiles. I only have two tasks for you: to feel relaxed and free to frolic in front of the camera. My documentary style focuses on capturing you having the time of your life, rather than filling your day with tight timelines of mandatory photos. You two will be able to enjoy the present moment, deepen your connection and simply celebrate your wedding without unwanted distractions.

So, on your wedding day:

Please, have fun!

Trust your team of professionals

Don't let the details ruin your day

Be present

Don't forget to eat and drink plenty of water

Focus on the connection with your partner

Enjoy every minute of this epic adventure!

Cheers, and congratulations!

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