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Immersive Intimate Wedding & Elopement Photography Experience

I document raw affection, authentic moments, delicate details, fleeting touch and loving interactions. My wedding photography style is warm, film-like, timeless and flattering. I break the rules - often, and I love to shoot against the sun to create magical glowing imagery you can sense with your entire being.  Most importantly, I strive to make your heart skip a beat every time you view your wedding gallery!


your story

I find beauty in simple words that exude certain moods: "hygge" a feeling of warmth and coziness in a company of loved ones, or "petrichor" - the comforting smell of dry soil after a long awaited rain. These expressive inspirations help me create complex visuals that interpret sceneries with deep emotion.

You might have noticed, that I adore free spirited couples stoked to share their life adventures together. At your wedding, you two are the most powerful inspiration, so it means the world to me to connect with you on a deeper level and to be able to capture your story, your joy, your tears and goosebumps.








work style

During your wedding portrait session, I'll give you easy instructions, asking you to move and interact together in ways that allow me to capture unposed candid moments in a flattering way. We might play fun games with prompts that include movements and feelings. You'll connect with your partner on a different level and manage to conquer another challenge hand in hand!

On your wedding day, I will recap the run of show with you, answer any questions and then get to work!

I will compose still life images of your accessories and stationery, I will photograph your wedding dress in a fine art aesthetic, I will capture you getting into your wedding attires and seeing each other for the first time. I will be there to document each significant moment of your day.

My brand has a certain look and feel, and this is partially achieved in post-production, using processing techniques that are unique to my style. My editing is inspired by film and is focused on true colors, accurate skin tones, warm, glowing, earthy hues. I pride myself in producing images that are timeless. I am not a fan of heavy filters or major color changes, because I strive to create images for you to view throughout the decades.

If you are game to choose less of a traditional approach to your wedding, I am not just a wedding photographer, who shows up with a set of standard poses:

1. I will help you craft a day that truly reflects your personalities and your relationship;

2. I will get dirty with you if you choose to take me on an adventure;

3. I will guide you on this fully immersive and unforgettable experience;

4. I will be there to share jokes and stories and most importantly document your epic wedding day;

5. I will look at this day as a unique wedding experience, because you allowed me to witness your authentic connection through raw moments.

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when you book me

as your wedding photographer who also specializes in intimate elopement photography, you're also booking my knowledge of boutique venues and breathtaking locations. But that's not all. I spend hours scouting new places, researching activities and vetting vendors to be able to provide my expertise for your unique experience. I will also become your sounding board to consult ideas about your dream wedding adventure. Through all of this, we will most likely become friends and I will silently shed a tear hiding behind my camera when I witness you exchange vows with your one and only. You chose me to be a part of your day and I don't take that lightly. We will chat about exciting hiking trails in Hawaii, your favorite wines from Napa and the most vibrant restaurants in the world. I will put my entire soul into telling your story and make sure your wishes are taken care of through the entire planning process until the delivery of your wedding photographs.